Like a Garden after a Rain

In life there can be terrible showers
High winds and drama can shake you
Like leaves are taken and twisted by the wind.
These high disasters can make life barren
Like a patch of garden that never sees the sun.

But there are roots even in the bare ground,
Potential flowers just waiting for the day
When they can spring up into life again.
And like a garden, after the bad storms
There will be new shoots springing up all around
Filling the garden and making it beautiful.

Like a garden after rain you must blossom
From the challenges offered by the storm.
Bow your head against the wind but
Keep strong and upright even in the worst.
Spread your petals to receive the water
And take it in to nourish your blooms.

Without the rain the garden would be dry
Nothing would grow within its bounds,
And like a garden you can take the cold
The downpours and the storms life holds.
And like a garden after rain you can recover
Push through your blooms and rise above the ground.

© Moira G. Gallaga
Photo by David Le Vine


Sandy Keith said...

Beautifully written. I love your writing.

MoiraGallaga said...

Thank you for your encouraging words. You might like to check out my other posts, I'd appreciate your feedback. There's always room for improvement.