Push the Limits – When Was the Last Time You Did Shake Up the Way Things Are?

A child is not born with limitations. Society and life experiences forces a child to learn limitations and as he grows, he gets scared to overcome those limits. In truth, if you have strong will power you can push the limits and achieve more in your life.  

All of us are bounded by limitations. You have emotional, physical, intellectual, societal and even mental limitations to live in the community. You cannot express your feelings fully all the time and the same is true with physical limitations. Whenever a child talks about the problems of adults, the parent will tell him not to interfere and think about those issues. Are these limitations good or bad? As long as it is accepted, you can push the limits. The human brain is so complex and capable of doing things, which were generally considered impossible. Unless a record is created or broken, no one would have thought of such possibilities.

You are forced to live on the thin end of the wedge and once you know that you can push your limits to break the lock, everything becomes easy. Limitations are a weakness imposed on you right from your birth. The child will not get complete freedom to explore things when he begins to walk. He is taught to follow a correct path and his freedom is limited to certain areas. Some form of limitations can be justified but many of them are purely personal. In other words, though you have the ability to do certain things you have never thought of even attempting it.

Overcoming limitations cannot be achieved overnight. You have to develop strong will power to break any record or push beyond your limits. To some extent, physical limitations cannot be fought easily but you can overcome emotional and mental limitations if you are strong. There are exceptional cases in the recent past that overcome physical limitations. You see cases of terminally ill patients who live happily, as if nothing is going to happen tomorrow. It is because they live only for “the present” and not for “the future”. Even in cases of extreme illness, people could smile and live because they have “will power" to live. When terminally ill patients could make a record to push the limits why can’t you?

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to stay organized when you are emotionally weak. For instance, you cannot forget your first love and even knowing the man or woman is not worth it, you will still get fixated with the person. Only when you get detached from the ‘Self’ will you realize that you have made a mistake. Overcoming  emotional limitations. In some cases, you may need the help of a professional counselor to overcome them. As a man grows, experiences will teach him how to push the limits.

Change the belief system. A belief system can also hold you back. Empower your mind and develop positive thinking. You should give permission for the brain to attempt something, which seems impossible. It takes time for changing deep-rooted false beliefs. Keep on repeating to yourself that “I can succeed,” “I can pass the exam,” and “I can do things which others cannot."

Anything is possible if you have determination. A psychologist will ask her client to visualize success repeatedly in order to overcome limits. It is not hard to push the limits if you are strong inside. Believe strongly that anything is possible for you. Your brain will give you enough strength to achieve your goal.

 2011 Moira G Gallaga©

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