Welcome to Diplobugs!

I started Diplobugs a few months after resigning from the Philippine Foreign Service so I can share our life with others and to express my opinions. I have served 3 Philippine Presidents as Presidential Protocol Officer and now enjoy being a freelance writer and doing consultancy. In addition to my experiences working for government, there’s my husband’s journey as a diplomat and our son’s efforts to understand the ever-changing world around him.

And…herewith is my invitation to all of you out there to share with me here on Diplobugs your heartfelt experiences, opinions and the wisdom that those experiences gave birth to. In return I would like to share my many life experiences and thoughts with you.

I believe one of the reasons for our existence is to become more whole and expansive through the sharing of our own adventures on the path of Life with our fellow travellers.

I have a vast interest in many things, to start with here are a few of them I would love to share, in no particular order:

• my travels around the world, as well as those remote little spots I had the privilege to see
• sport; just to mention one ~ my love for that beautiful game called Soccer
• fashion, the textured and playful art of adorning the body
• words; writing, musings, poetry, especially those writings that make you sit up and take note
• food, the taste and sensations of creative concoctions shared with fascinating people
• the arts, paintbrushes of the soul, musical strings of the heart and theatre
• ways to step softly on Earth; our sole provider ~ finding ways to live green and sustainable practices
• alternative therapies; a holistic and balanced approach in a Western Society
• new ways of thinking; the power of thought and the power within you
• out of the box solutions to address important global issues, particularly concerning our children and our elders

So come along with us on our journey. Learn about our native country, the Philippines. Explore the world with us and our young son as we travel to new and exciting places and as we deal with everyday life and its challenges. I also trust that you will see this invitation as being part of our global village’s metaphorical ‘sitting around the fire’, partaking in the diversity that surrounds us.

Welcome and thanks for spending time with us and sharing our ever exciting and always challenging journey.