Give Yourself the Life You Want

So often we do not give ourselves the life we want. We stifle our creativity, we hold back on loving and on being loved. We allow ourselves to feel bad and sad, and have trouble letting ourselves be happy. We have such a hard time letting someone love us. Why do we think we deserve the bad things that happen but not the good? Are we conditioned to think it is wrong to be happy, to be joyful? We can change our way of thinking, it's not easy, but it can be done. Write down the thoughts that will do you good, write them where you will see them often. On your bathroom mirror, post it on your desk, on your refrigerator and anywhere else you will see them often. Change your life one thought at a time. Say your mantra out loud and believe each one.

I am lovable and deserve to be loved.
I am loved and can love others.
I am sexy and am not afraid to let others see that.
I am fun to be with.
I am boring when I don’t like the person I’m with.
I am interesting.
I deserve happiness.
I have made mistakes and that is Okay, I can let them go.
I can cut poisonous people out of my life.
No one can make me feel guilty.
I can succeed, I will succeed and I succeeded.
I will look for joy in each day.
I will have the relationship that I want, I will not settle for less.

Your list may be similar or totally different. Make your list reflect what is important to you and what you need help with. Do not give up; keep repeating your phrases and they will eventually sink in. You will begin attracting what you ask for. 

2011 Moira G Gallaga ©