House Bill Number 4244 (Reproductive Health Bill)

House Bill no. 4244
needs to be passed.
‘Bloated population’ control?
Well being, health and fertile growth
enough space for each potential
to bloom and grow.

It’s like a sustainable field you see
a garden where every person
wanted or not wanted
plays a role but woe
so many seeds have sprouted
filling all the space, smothering some
denying air to breath and rightful spot in the sun.

This field, this garden,
needs more than one gardener
to tend the weeds of poverty and ignorance.
Not the state alone
but all of us
to use our skills and willingness
for better wellness of every Life.

Skilled gardeners:
Let’s grow from informed choice
within the fence of family planning services
let’s decrease the uprooting
of unwanted seedlings through abortion
remove the pests of STD’s
educate our apprentices
our future gardeners
to create healthy stalks of Life.

Yes, it is the woman’s body
that bears the choice,
but let’s make sure
that we hear her voice.

2011 Moira G. Gallaga©