SMILE: Life is Not a Drill

Smiling is an act of courage
As brave as any skydiver
In the face of fear.
To find a smile in nothing
Is a sign of endurance
And speaks of greatness.

Look for your smile everywhere
At the bottom of a pocket
At the bottom of your soul.
Find a smile in a brief flash of color
A whisper of scarlet or red
A whisper of hope and success.

Open yourself up to happiness
Give a little smile against
The monsters of the night.
Fear no spiders or bumps in darkness
Let the smile stream outwards
Let it be your guiding light.

Lift yourself up on a smile now
Be carried upwards on Mercury's wings
Dazzle shadows with your confidence;
Lift yourself up and let yourself go.
Put your head up and be brave
Remember: life is not a drill. ©

2011 Moira G. Gallaga©