Occupy Wall Street in the Philippines? (Part 1)

Occupy Wall Street in the Philippines? (Part 1):

Right, OWS needs to figure out what its demands are and what are the objectives they need to accomplish if they want something productive to come out of their protest movement.  I doubt if Wall Street and the 1% are going to just let change happen.  Change is needed but how will that change be achieved?  That is what I am most interested to see in the weeks to come. 

The Beautiful Game

32 Teams - Three years to prepare;
Hone the muscles and sharpen the mind
strengthen the legs, ankles,
and give it your best shot!

Three years to act
bravely within the team,
with lion’s courage in every game,
bringing you closer to the day!

Three years to anchor
sweat and tears for victories,
being loyal to your country, all these
guarantee your place in the...

World Cup of Soccer!!!

32 teams after 3 years of dreams,
travel to their destiny,
the proud host stands - open arms,
receiving those who made it through.

Have you ever been to the event
that ‘happening’ every 4 years
and tasted the euphoria
shared by hundreds of millions?

Have you felt the anticipation
before a game
looked at the faces glowing,
excitement sparkling around you?

The kick-off,
11 lean muscled bodies on each side,
a pour of energy and wit
behind a checkered ball torpedo.

Then ... the kick that scores
the crowd that roars,
smiles and tears a magic wave
players dance a wiggle rave.

Now and then
disgruntled boo’s may fill the field,
a ref’s decision, a bullied player,
anger rises but soon subsides.

When the last whistle blows
united we stand and feel the same,
there is no doubt at all...

Soccer’s the most beautiful game.

2011 Moira G. Gallaga©