Diplo-tales: Cheese Sensation - Bistro Bis, Washington DC

Bing, my husband and I love to try new restaurants, delis, diners and dives. Even if it is a new place just around the corner, we make it a point to have breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner to check it out.

The last time we were in Washington D.C. we were really looking for a deli because we were craving for some cheesy delights, but the hotel concierge told us about a contemporary French restaurant called Bistro Bis.  She highly recommended it and said that they had the best cheese plate in Washington. Our mouths really started to water when Jenny, our concierge, told us that they had 22 ripe delicacies to sample. She was still rattling off the menu as we were running out the door.

We had no trouble finding Bistro Bis. It is located inside the Hotel George on Capitol Hill on the senate side of the hill. It was a beautiful day and we decided to have al fresco dining. We were seated right away and were very impressed with the service. We were dressed smart casual and fit in with the rest of the diners.

The lunch menu was amazing. We had our hearts set on delicious brie or a sharp Swiss, but we still wanted to see what else Bistro Bis had to offer. The couple next to us had French Onion soup and an Angus beef burger. I am sure we looked like a couple of voyeurs, as we could not stop staring at their meals. Everything looked and smelled delicious. Before we got to the cheese menu, we decided to order an appetizer. I ordered the steak tar tare, and Bing went for the duck liver parfait. We were starving and did not have to wait long for our food. Our starters arrived almost immediately and were very tasty, but we still had room for what we came for.
Duck Parfait

One look at the menu and we knew we had come to the right place. I like cow cheese and had to try the Chaource. It is double-crème French brie that melts in your mouth. I also ordered the Fiscalini cheddar and the Italian Piemonte. My plate would not be complete without a couple of blue vein selections, so I decided on the Vale of Belvoir and the Avilia, which is a decadent goat Roquefort. My husband loves goat cheese and he ordered the Pyrenees, which is firm and comes from France. Our waiter told us that it was very nutty and meaty. The rest of his platter included Willow Hill Vermont Brebis, which is a soft camembert, Puglia, which is crumbly and dense, and a soft and creamy delight called Bouc Emissaire. Our waiter was very persuasive and talked us into the Piper’s Pyramid and the Couronne Locoise.

When our plates arrived, we knew that our concierge and waiter knew what they were talking about. The Pyramid that our waiter recommended was firm and creamy and had a delicious lemon flavour, and the Fiscalini cheddar melted in my mouth. The Roquefort was the best that I have ever had and is something that I will go back to Bistro Bis for. I have tried to find this blue vein elsewhere, but have had no luck. The experience in Bistro Bis from appetizer to main course was remarkable.

This time, I was able to hold myself and had the dessert last just like all humans and had their Citrus Crème Brûlée; a special custard decorated with orange zest and grand marnier dipped madeleines. 
Citrus Crème Brûlée
If you love cheese and are in the Washington DC area, you have to try Bistro Bis. Bring your appetite and you will not be disappointed.

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