Thoughts on LOVE

Self love is where all love begins. If we do not love ourselves, then we cannot understand what we have to offer other people. We will also not believe the love that is given back to us.

Love at first sight is possible as well loving people that you have known for your entire life. You can love everyone that you meet, even just a small amount.

If we do not have enough love in our lives, then we will wither away from wanting affection. In a vast ocean of love, we can easily get lost.

It can beat you down and make you feel like crying. It can also pick you up and make you feel alive.

Love is therapy. We can share ourselves with those that we love. We can let them get a glimpse of our true selves for a few hours or many long years.

There is nothing worse than the fear of losing a loved one. That is a misguided concept though. We are not alone. Someone will always love you if you know it or not. That gives you strength. With thoughts on love, you can forgive yourself as well as forgive others. You can slowly fall back under its spell again and again.