WANTED: Informed Citizenry

I miss college days where we enjoyed hours of exchanging ideas without fear of being branded with any political leanings and to be able to do so in front of instructor/s who appreciates lively and intelligent discussion. I miss the honest take of students, how they react to a situation presented to him/her based on their knowledge of the subject, the reaction as a Filipino and as a citizen mindful of his/her social responsibility to this country. 
I hope we can conduct discussions like this without attributing political motivation or being judged as pro or anti government, but rather as informed and involved citizens who are exercising our rights to determine our destiny in a democracy.
A man may be loyal to his government and yet oppose the particular principles and methods of administration.- Abraham Lincoln
When do we begin to start to trust our Constitution and institutions? Let us be honest with ourselves here, when will we Filipinos unanimously say we have the right leader or when will we ever get the right leader? The answer is in strengthening our institutions, allowing it to work and become more relevant than the people who are elected and chosen to run them so that governing/governance is no longer about the leader but about the office and institution that they represent. Strong institutions require transparency and meritocracy and helps ensure proper discharge of duties and responsibilities. This is what we should be doing, not simply just continually looking or hoping to elect the right leader or our political messiah. That's like trying to win the lotto instead of doing an honest day's work. 
WDC PE briefs the Filipino community in Memphis City on the Save Our Industries Act. 
Photo via WDCPE
We are so personality oriented and react within that context that is why we end up in this vicious cycle of being screwed all the time by people in authority. We are a democracy, but we don't trust our democratic institutions such as the judiciary, the law enforcement authorities, our electoral process, and government in general. What does that say about us as a country and a people? Yes, things are very intense and uncertain but if we don't begin to place a bit of trust into our institutions and allow them to work and just simply go on and continue to second-guess motives and speculate on what could be, then we deserve to be continually stuck in this vicious political paralysis that we have been in for many years now.

It will take time and there is a long, long way to go but we should be able to grow out of our tendency to worship at the altar of personality and be ruled by our emotions and begin to demand and expect more from those we elect to lead us. 

It is our responsibility to be an informed citizen...So asking about the process or raising questions doesn't mean you're against or pro-government, it is a means to achieve understanding. As they say, only a dead fish flows with the current. We have the right to ask and should not be judged for our queries, but rather on our actions. In the Philippines, we are too personality oriented and we tend to allow emotions to rule rather than logic and intellect. People take stands according to the protagonists involved, not on the merits or demerits of the issue at hand. Critical thinking and objectivity gets drowned out by partisanship. We must rise above this in order to become more responsible and informed citizens so that politics can be lifted from the muck where it currently resides.
If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools." - Plato
Being very much aware of our history, whose fault will it be in the event we allow history to repeat itself and for the failure to break this cycle of our political development? This will be a reflection of our political maturity (or lack of it) as a people and a nation if this happens.

So yes, let us be vigilant and keep a close watch so there is no abuse. 

A leap of faith and then keep the faith. ©

Regardless of how we feel about the Leader, we MUST at all times RESPECT the Institution - Office of the President


It's More Fun in the Philippines: Boosting Philippine Tourism through Soccer

It's More Fun in the Philippines: Boosting Philippine Tourism through Soccer:

We All Bleed RED: Time to Get Rid of the Fil-What Nonsense

We All Bleed RED: Time to Get Rid of the Fil-What Nonsense:
2012 Moira G Gallaga©

(*Title – “We All Bleed Red” is the title of a Ronnie Dunn song)
During a conversation between my husband and I about the latest developments regarding the Azkals, he brought up an issue that went on for a bit a few months back regarding local based and foreign based Azkals. Apparently, there are some people who take issue with the foreign based Azkals. Terms such as pure blood or half-Filipino were being used. From what I understand, some people don’t consider or view our foreign based Azkals as 100% Filipino. I was pretty surprised and disturbed to hear that as I’ve always had the impression that someone’s ethnic background is no longer an issue these days.


Someone Taking Your Love For Granted

You are not a boomerang and should not be bouncing back to someone taking your love for granted. This should be the feeling and understanding people have so that they are not continuously taken advantage of and basically taken for granted. When a person is put aside or rejected by another they should and must put that relationship to rest and behind them and move forward. It may take some time but there will be someone else coming in the future and that someone is going to be the one that truly cares and wants to make one's life one that will be filled with love and great joy. Everyone deserves to be treated with care and respect and if that is not happening in a relationship between two people supposedly in love with each other it might be time to re-examine things and move on.

The fact of the matter is that every individual is truly special and anyone who cannot see that and understand it is probably not the type of person another will want to be around for long. Life is a special gift and sharing it with someone that can be loved and appreciated is truly a blessing and never anything to be taken for granted. Everyone deserves the right to be totally happy and to feel special.


After Sendong, 10 things we must do - Rappler

This is a very excellent list of things that need to be done. What is unfortunate though is that a lot of your recommendations are things we all know about for some time now and should have been implemented a while back by concerned agencies and officials. The lack of political will is a crucial element lacking in this matter. With all the natural disasters that have befallen the Philippines in recent years, it appears we continually fail to learn our lessons and keep repeating mistakes or ignoring things that need to be done, such as your recommendations. Climate change is indeed a game changer and is going to make this issue a lot more challenging in the years to come, yet climate change is nothing new. It has been a global issue for more than 5 years now. It is good that you bring this all up again, there is no harm in constantly reminding ourselves of what needs to get done.

The Same Moments, The Same Days

The Same Moments, The Same Days:

01 January 2012, Moira G Gallaga©


Living in the Past, Limit your Future

It is important not to let living in the past limit your future. Retroactive existence can significantly retard future progress and dampen your outlook by blinding you to all of life's opportunities. Do not narrow future horizons by letting the demons of your past haunt your present. Avoid dwelling on past mistakes and regrettable decisions that can prevent you from being the best person you can possibly become.

Instead, adopt an attitude of determination to turn today's stumbling blocks into the foundations of a solid tomorrow. Better visualization of ever-widening doors on a brighter future requires increasing blindness to those that have firmly shut behind us. Although change can be somewhat frightening, we should never let irrational fear stand in the way of future growth. Instead of struggling to keep a tight grip on what has already happened, we must struggle to relinquish destructive links to past mistakes.