Diplo-tips: Inspirational Thoughts for a Cloudy Day

I am not a religious person but this is one of the quotes I always love. Every time I hear this, I just have to nod and agree that it is just so true..

 “Man asks God to give him everything to enjoy Life... God said, I gave you LIFE to enjoy everything.”

It often happens that we get trapped within thoughts related to past events. Sometimes, we feel like there is nothing to look forward to and our train of thought only revolves around regrets. On the bright side of things, we can still do something to improve our condition. There are times when life seems not worth living, so looking for inspiration in such moments is definitely something desirable.

Imagine one of those prisoners you saw on TV. He or she was jailed for life and will most probably spend the rest of their days in prison. What would one say to inspire such a person? What do these people look ahead to every time they wake up? It often happens that people who are outside of prisons get trapped in their thoughts and actions of the past. Sometimes it seems there is truly nothing worth living for since judgement becomes clouded by regrets. On the other hand, people who are imprisoned by their thoughts can do something about it while those who are in jail cannot.

How does one define inspiration?

There are many definitions to this term, but all of them revolve around an idea of a state of mind which allows us to live happily, follow our goals and be at peace with our self.

How to escape from the prison?

Sometimes inspiration seems lacking from our lives and it becomes hard to set goals, let alone follow and achieve them. Firstly, one should look for stories of people who have been in similar conditions. For example, a great idea would be to read the story of Helen Keller, a person who had to endure a lot of difficulties, but somehow managed to overcome them. This is a great way to make our minds understand that things are not always as bad as they seem and that there is always a solution.

Furthermore, look at your past, but instead of focusing on the bad things, think about moments when you felt full of joy. It could be a very small thing or a huge achievement, it does not matter. You can break a prison door by just realizing that if you felt good at one time you can do it again.

Another great thing to do is to count your blessings. I cannot count how many times someone used to tell me, ‘how nice it is that I’ve been on-leave for so and so’ I would usually just smile at them or utter a non-committal reply. Those are the ones that can’t appreciate how lucky we all are and who are in perfect health. Stop for a moment - Are your lungs working? Is your eyesight perfect? Can you hear the sound of summer rain? Would you sell your arms for all the money in the world? Of course not! You are a rich person who just does not realize how much wealth lies in the most basic things. You can say these are all clich├ęs and for those who haven’t been at the grim reaper’s doorstep will probably disregard this as you probably have much higher standards of what are the requirements for a person to be considered lucky and happy.

The last prison door is broken by contemplating about future goals. Regardless of how far they might seem to be, think about them. Make plans. The hardest struggles are won by keeping your eyes on the road and being aware of where the final destination is.

If you follow all these steps, nothing can keep you from becoming a winner. Good luck!