Reproductive Health (RH) Bill

RH Bill

Why are our mothers confused and wailing
salted tears on their cheeks, brows furrowed waiting
for a method to the madness to come forward
explain this to me.
Say it isn't my fault.

Why are our children hungry and jaded
bare footed,  unwanted or neglected
waiting for a method to their eradicate their hunger
explain it to them.
Tell them it's not their fault.

Why are our fathers tired and cautious
incapable of juggling fire any longer, now waiting
for the Right Thing to do to leap into their hands
explain to their families.
Tell them it's all your fault.

Why is our government standing idly by
unable to say exactly why they are waiting
for a solution to come, when there already is one
explanations are excuses
Tell us there is a way.
Tell us you have the means.
There will be support, education, assistance
by every turn of the road
every stepping stone will
raise us higher
erase the tears
feed the hunger
extinguish the fires
light our hearths with a new coal.
Explain nothing.
Tell us there is hope.