Let My Love Be Your Home

A promised love has finally come
For which my heart has longed
A tale of two souls merged as one
Finding the place where they belong

Oh, fly into my waiting heart
Let my love be your home
Accept this love as your new start
Where you ne'er again will roam

Reach down low and lift me high
Your love can give me wings
To where I'll rise beyond the sky
My soul, so hopeful, sings

Together we will recreate
Our lives as one soul mate

Yet will my hopeful cry be heard
Or will I be left waiting
Without what I have always yearned
My dreams ever abating

Will my heart finally learn to fly?
Or will it remain grounded
The echoes of my haunting cry
Through earth and sky resounded

You hear my call, you draw me near
My heart its home will be
Forever more without a fear
Forever you and me

The heart is home, two souls are one
Two lives are merged and new life begun.

2011 Moira G. Gallaga©