1991 Philippine Football Team who beat Malaysia

I just graduated from High School when we hosted the SEA GAMES  in 1991. The Philippine Football team achieved a historic win against Malaysia on November 28, 1991. Folks, this is our 1991 Philippine Football Team who beat Malaysia, 1-0. 

Found entry from my 1991 Diary: 11 - Elmer Bedia; Goal Keeper - Melo Sabacan; 14 - Hershey Salmon; 19 - Rolando Pinero; 5 - Judy Saluria; 8 - Jess Baron; 9 - Filamer Rosell; 4 - Rudy Alicante; 12 - Bambi Dioso; 7 - Edgar Berja; and 15 - Marlon Maro.
(Marlon Maro is now Head of La Salle's football program. First time I met him was when he spotted Ciaran, my son (who was a late enrollee) playing soccer in La Salle Greenhills. We had just arrived from Foreign Posting and Coach Maro invited him to join La Salle's varsity team.

 Will put captions for the team's complete line-up once I have access to my laptop.