History: Where Did Halloween Come From? : Video : Discovery News

History: Where Did Halloween Come From? : Video : Discovery News:

An informative short film on the evolution of Halloween, from its pagan origins to its present day form of celebration. One little note, the film mentions that the current form of celebrating Halloween has become a secular activity, I think it forgot to mention that it also has become a highly commercialized event, hehe.

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Why Zombies Never Die : Discovery News

Why Zombies Never Die : Discovery News:

An interesting piece on our fascination with zombies and how it has become a very common feature of current day pop culture. If our world were headed into a zombie apocalypse, I would hope we get the George Romero zombies. If we end up getting the ones from 28 Days Later or 28 Weeks Later, we're screwed.

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The Sound of One


Africa my lady
   your red blood earth and endless skies
   pulsating beats through primordial
   base-rhythm a roll thats rounded

New Australia New Zealand
   walkabout orange dust and tepid air
   didgeridoo drones of ancient
shamanic feet
   Shuddering a longing god-sacred wish
"bring-together-the-new, bring-together-the-old"

Westerners and YELLOW  East                                                           
   where mystery and machinery
   tears of the cello, allegro laughter
   By molding pain and joy
     Face both shadow and light
"gratitude-in-sadness, jubilation-in-gladness"

The cold cold north of Viking Norse
   where ice and sap green runes
 the hang between bright lone stars
 of passion and string gentleness
"dream, strive, desire!!!      find LOVE"

Blue angel choirs of voice so strong
   where the Word becomes a song
   melodies and primal cries
   where eagles fly
   Lift your voice in praise
"glory oh Spirit, glory thy Name"

Indigo tabla, indigo see
   Other worlds within worlds it be
Stroke of fingers,
tap visions
   Of the not yet seen
 that urges me
"open-your-eyes, open-your-eye"

Purple flute softly whispers
   the road to travel
destiny yours to unravel
   Follow your Spirit, America!

The birth of a soft faint sound
Will rise, crescendo-explode into love
and make us…


2011 Moira G. Gallaga©