Why Do We Need More Windmills?

Why Do We Need More Windmills?:
by: Moira G Gallaga

Learning to Take Criticism

Learning to Take Criticism:
by: Moira G Gallaga

Add Humor in Your Life

Add Humor in Your Life:
by: Moira G Gallaga

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A Mermaid's Song

In the deepest depths of the ocean blue,
The mermaid’s fins sparkle every hue,
She dances through the midnight seas,
Her beauty apparent to those that see.

A sirens call, a danger to thee,
Though no man can let her be,
She sings to them, a lilting song,
Convincing them to her they belong.

Shining fins cut through the water,
Shining eyes dance with laughter,
Of flowing hair, and stunning grace,
The mermaid is a magical race.

Careful ye be of this beautiful maiden,
For she sings of desires to be sated,
For you she will sing a lullaby,
A beautiful song, your final goodbye. 

2011 Moira G. Gallaga©