Diplo-tips: Yes. WORDS Do Matter

Words can make a big difference in the lives of others and in our lives as well.  How we use them is very important. I am one of those people who just starts speaking without even stopping to think about what they are saying and I’m always ‘in trouble’ because of that. Though there are also a lot of times when I say the right things and it warms my heart due to the positive response I get in return, he-he. 

What we say not only affects how others see us, but it also affects how we see ourselves. For instance, many children grow up being told that they are worthless and that their life is useless. These are words that could drive an emotionally distressed person to harm his or herself or perhaps someone else.

Words do matter.

United Airlines, 7663 Dulles International Airport bound to Madrid, Spain, 26 November 2007

I was boarding a flight bound for Madrid at Dulles International Airport... Ole! As I handed my boarding pass to the United Airlines gate agent, I asked her if she was having a good day. Her response clearly sticks in my mind up to this day. She looked at me, smiled, and said, “All the better for you asking me, thank you.”

As I proceeded down the jet way, I smiled. I have asked hundreds of people if they are having a good day. Never have I received that response. I’ve heard, ‘It’s okay,’ ‘Good,’ ‘No, not really’ and ‘Fine, thanks.’ But never, until that time, have I heard ‘All the better for you asking me, thanks.’

Dulles International Airport
Her response was gracious and warm. It wowed me as a customer – giving me another positive experience with the airline. More importantly, it made me feel special as a human being. Perhaps she was taught to say this by a parent at a young age and it was an automatic response. What would have been a normal flight was changed by eight words – eight words I am sure I will never forget.

The Internet Essay

I've read a post of Scott Ringwelski who writes an essay each week called Positive Pause. The specific essay starts …

“No Problem…actually is.

‘No problem.’ It seems natural, easy going, off the cuff, casual.

It’s a throwaway line for a disposable world.

However, how does your throwaway line and casual attitude translate to those you say it to?”

Many unpleasant events have taken place because someone chose to say something mean or disrespectful to one of their peers. The phrase that says "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt" is not true for the majority of people. While sticks and stones hurt the external body, words can potentially harm a person's internal soul. The majority of individuals who trash on people's feelings also trash on the environment. They think we live in a disposable world that can be replaced once this one is destroyed. They use throwaway lines and hope that will somehow change others' perspective about them. 

The Common Thread

In all of these cases, the words chosen by people have made a positive difference to those around them. 

Situations can change only when people choose to change. Be careful how you choose your words because words do matter. They can build up a person's self esteem or they can tear it down. So, the next time someone makes you upset and you feel like you want to respond in a negative way, think again. Would you want what you say to someone else to be the words that someone says to you? Words can be negative or positive and how you choose to use them can have a devastating effect on the person who hears them and in our lives as well.

Have a stress-free Friday everyone!

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