Trust Life a Little Bit

Most of us have had at least one bad experience, which often has the result of making us somehow mistrust life and assume that things are not going to work out. However, the past cannot be changed, and we should learn to put it behind us, and as is often said, everything happens for a reason. Our lives are not perfect, and all of us will experience bad times and problems at some point, and these are an inevitable part of life and cannot be avoided. 

We all have to trust life a little bit, in order to make the most of life and those opportunities that come our way. In addition to seizing opportunities, we have to learn how to take risks, so that our full potential is realized. If we simply trust in God, remain focused and work as hard as we can, things will generally work out and we can consider ourselves blessed. In addition, we can also bless others who are perhaps experiencing what we once experienced.

Ah, life. How I love you and your unexpected surprises. The way you keep us on our toes, and show us time and again who's really in control. I especially love your sense of humor, when we TRY OUR BEST to be prepared and you just send our plan out the window. Well, Life, message received.