Power of Words: Talk Your Way to a Better Life!

Don’t you feel at times that words just slip your mouth or as if your tongue has a life of its own? Sometimes, those words come out sweet and bring about miracles of love and caring. At other times, they produce ruin and havoc in your life and in your relationships. Words do have the power to build up or to destroy, but we have the power to learn to control them and use them for improving the quality of our lives and of those around us. Here are some tips you may use to let your words become inspiration and key for your success and happiness.

- Check yourself to see how often you say: “I didn’t mean that.” Sometimes I sincerely believe that I did not mean what I just said, but words more often than not come out of the heart. They do not come out of nothing. So, the key to controlling the power of the words is in checking your heart and making sure you allow only loving and noble feelings to abide there. If something comes out of your mouth, then it lives inside your heart!

- The same can be said of your mind. Nurturing positive thoughts and ideas will ensure your words and your manner of verbal expression takes a positive tone too.

- If you are sure your heart and mind are alright then the next step to empower your life by your words is to let it out. Did you ever feel affection or gratefulness bubbled up in your heart and rose to be poured out through the words you expressed? Did you ever hold it back?

Sometimes, we might feel ashamed to express our tender feelings or our gratitude. Somehow, it feels embarrassing and out of place. Yet, it may be the very thing you and the people around you require. Sincere affection and thankfulness can do miracles in improving your life. It makes you want to live and be glad to be living. It also makes others more eager to do something good for you. Isn’t that an improvement? So, let it out. Do not stop it or keep it down. Even if you feel awkward at first, you may be sure that you’ve done the right thing.

- Positive words are capable of introducing positive changes. The world around us has too many negative words due to so much negativity in people. Even though you might say you are an optimist, thinking positive is not enough. You have to express those positive thoughts by SAYING positive words.

Positive thinking and feelings leads to positive forms of expression, including your use of words to connect with other people, and in some instances to touch their lives. It also works the other way around. If you constantly make an effort to use positive forms of verbal expression and words that uplift and make people feel good, it will ultimately develop a change in your mentality and feelings as well. It is a symbiotic relationship that feeds off each other.

So view the power of the words as a tool. By using this tool properly, you can bring about the positive changes you want and make your life enjoyable, empowered by your positive thoughts and words.

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