Manila Standard Today -- A culture of violence -- 2011/october/29

Manila Standard Today -- A culture of violence -- 2011/october/29:

An excellent article Ms. Angsioco. You make a very valid point there with regard to our prevailing culture and the socialization undergone by our children. As you have mentioned, the culture of violence stems from other facets of our culture such as our predominantly male oriented/dominated (macho and chauvinistic) society, and the glorification of guns and violence in media and in our daily lives. I share your view that we must start with the children, institute steps so that their socialization process is markedly different from the current one that only serves to feed the existence of our current culture of violence. Unfortunately, as we note the growing incidences of bullying in schools, I think there is a very, very large challenge we have ahead of us. It will probably take a few generations before we turn the situation. However, given the enormity of the task at hand, we need to start now. Small steps are better than not taking any step forward at all, otherwise, we will just continually find ourselves reading off the list of names of people who died under violent circumstances.

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