The Greatest Thing is Love

With every person that we care about
It's about being there when needed
You give because it makes you happy
Their happiness makes it much better

Our parents are there watching over us
We grow up before their mindful eyes
We're thankful for their good teachings
They're thankful for the connections

Friends are the best for shared interest
Laughing and running and playing full
Of course there can be disagreements
The importance is to work things out

Soon we find ourselves drawn hypnotic
To someone and share it all in romance
The hills and valleys of love and pain
But together we bring forth new beings

Then it's our turn be the caring parents
Understanding the role of adults past
Do our best to give the next generation
The wisdom shared with us back then

All our devotion and damage and dust
Transferring back and forth in events
Sometimes takes us from real meaning
So remember:  the greatest thing is love.

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