The Sincerest Form of Flatteries

There are haters around us in many forms. Sometimes we are able to identify them but sometimes we are not. But if we develop the mentality that haters are in fact our admirers, it would cause no harm. ‘Hating is the sincerest from of flattery “says a proverb. There are various reasons to hate a person and at times, haters do not have a reason at all to hate others. They do it just for the sake of hating others. But hating a certain name only gives them fame. Whether a person loves you or hates you, you are in their minds. But haters only hate the things that they can’t get and the people they can’t be. So, it is only an expression of adoration they have for you. In fact, when someone hates you, it gives a sense of motivation to achieve more in life and stand upright in front of them. Therefore, do not hate your haters.

“Hating: the sincerest form of flatteries”
I thought that it was “imitation”
When I think about different categories
Love and hate are sometimes alike
It's the attention you receive
A strange “social rules” kind of psych
In their mind they see negative
For wanting or for dislike
It leaves you to your prerogative
Perhaps it's adoration unexpressed
A reflection of their pain
A problem they have not confessed
So hating is liking one and the same
Sorry if it's too confusing
Some people will play futile games
When someone hates your ideation
Stand upright facing them
And thank them for new motivation.

2011 Moira G Gallaga©

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