Cultural Center of the Philippines - SALSA: WE ARE THE COLOMBIAN PACIFIC

Cultural Center of the Philippines - SALSA: WE ARE THE COLOMBIAN PACIFIC:


Venue : Bulwagang Francisca Aquino
Time : 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Date : Dec 7 2011

Venue : CCP Main Theater Lobby
Time : 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Date : Dec 7 2011


Salsa: We are the Colombian Pacific is on its tour covering ten countries in the Asian Pacific, showing the culture of Colombian Salsa and its particular style of dance and the Philippines is the next stop.

From December 5 to 9, Salsa: We are the Colombian Pacific will be in Manila to teach this seductive and rhythmic movement to Filipinos. The group is composed of Jaime Gonzalez, Jennifer Olave and Olga Acosta.

Salsa: We are the Colombian Pacific will be at the Cultural Center of the Philippines on December 7. They will conduct a salsa workshop at 1-4PM at the Bulwagang Francisca Aquino. They will have a salsa presentation at 6-9PM during the CCP's weekly Filipiniana Sunsets show at the CCP Main Theater Lobby.

Salsa is an essentially Caribbean musical rhythm created by Latinos in New York City between 1930 and 1950s; it settled in the 1960s sharing the riotous popularity of other globally renowned rhythms, such as reggae and rock. Salsa is a cultural expression of music and dance which has permeated Colombian society, particularly in urban districts. Because of its power to seduce, it has also come to have close links with other forms of expressions, such as art, literature and film.

Salsa is more than a dance. It also tells a story. Writers have described salsa as the chronicle of the urban Caribbean, the lyrics of its songs mirroring the life of the Latin peoples. Its urban nature speaks of the marginalized life of the major cities and the daily struggle for survival.

Colombia, which has adopted dance as its most important manifestation of salsa, is the land that gave birth to the cumbia, the porro and other dance rhythms.

So why would Filipinos do the salsa? Just like Colombians, dance has always been an essential part of many Filipino celebrations and festivals. Just like Colombians, the cultural phenomenon of dance is strong in the Filipinos, who pass on the dance steps from generation to generation.


December 7, Wednesday

1-4pm Salsa Workshops
Bulwagang Francisca Reyes Aquino,
Cultural Center of the Philippines

6-9pm Salsa Presentation at Filipiniana Sunsets
CCP Main Theater Lobby

10:30pm Dance Night Affair with the
Spirit of ‘67
Bar 360 Degrees
Resorts World

December 8, Thursday

2-5pm Salsa Workshop @ the Araneta Center
Sapphire Ballroom
Gateway Suites

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