Fish Kill

We are given plenty,
there is enough to eat
each soul living on this planet
thanks to Gaia Earth.

So much so
that every soul
from birth to death
can fill his cup to the brim.

Look at Nature
she’s our Mother
nurturing every child of hers
with love and care and understanding.

She has her rhythms
her spirals of calm and storm
she is gentle, sweet, a dancing beauty
she is firm, strong and Powerful!

Now at lake Taal
where it all began
nature was in balance
and everyone had enough.

Started as a little seed
of ill and insatiability:
“more money quicker more”
the Fishkill germ was planted.

Here’s the facts to those who care:
BFAR said 6000 fish cages will do
but the lake had 12000
double voracity mathematics.

The above is only one example
there’s many more seedlings
of overstocking fingerlings...
a greedy hand indeed.

Planktons were blamed
but they know balance,
1 300 Illegal fish cage
I bet you there is more.

“Nature is not the culprit...”

But man must still
confront his greed
snaking in the garden
of his soul.

2011 Moira G. Gallaga©

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