Call of the Depths

One of life’s simple pleasures is a passion that burns within me. The feeling to escape, of getting lost in an alien environment. I live for and yearn for this. This poem is for all who share these sentiments about diving. Here’s hoping for an opportunity to once more immerse to the pressures of the aquatic realm.

Myself @ El Nido Resort, Palawan

It is a journey to another world;

upon entry, you are subject to its whims and caprices.

It is a world of beauty and wonder.

yet it is filled with danger and dread.

Its beckoning is irresistible,

for in its cold embrace,

You experience freedom, flight, 

and the beauty of its silent reverie.

You are a spirit floating through

the world around you, oblivious to existence.

You wish to be part of this world,

to belong, but never will be,

For its attraction and temporal property,

leaves you hungering for more.

Scuba Diving: ItsMoreFUNinthePhilippines!
 Moira G. Gallaga©

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